About Us

What Inspires Us

We are inspired by the desire to improve access to justice.

We want every Ontarian to be able to access the justice system with competent legal help, no matter how small their legal problem. Because to us, access to justice is more than the simple of existence of courts and tribunals you can apply to. Access to justice means having the legal support you need at a price you can afford.

You don’t always need a lawyer.

Our History

We are a Toronto paralegal firm. Since 2004, we have been providing legal services in the areas of small claims, traffic tickets, criminal defence, evictions, and disability benefit appeals.

In 2005, our founder became involved with the movement to license and regulate Ontario paralegals. In 2008, he was part of the very first group of legal professionals to become licensed as paralegals in Ontario.

Spectrum Paralegal became one of the very first firms providing the services of a licensed paralegal: because you don’t always need a lawyer.

Our Promise

  1. Realistic Case Assessment: We are committed to giving you the right advice, even if you don’t retain us.
  2. Explanations: You will understand not only what we do, but why and how we do it. We are your partners.
  3. Staying in touch: There is a lot that goes on in every legal matter. We keep you updated.
  4. No fear tactics: We don’t try to make the law appear as if it’s out to get you in order to look like ‘heroes.’
  5. Personal representation: The person you meet at our office will be the one representing you.
  6. Positive relationship with technology: We always look for ways that technology can help save time.
  7. Finally, we simply offer very professional service which you can always rely on.
Sylvie, Toronto

I really appreciated your attention to details, your level of preparation which was impressive, and enthusiasm. I am really happy we have Spectrum Paralegal in our corner. Thank you for being the champion of our small claims court!