Some Small Claims Matters We Handled

Over the years, we have represented plaintiffs and defendants alike in Toronto Small Claims Court, Richmond Hill Small Claims Court, Brampton Small Claims Court, Newmarket Small Claims Court and other small claims courts in Ontario.

We have encountered and handled small claims lawsuits and defences about a wide variety of situations. Many cases can be put into these broad categories:

Additionally, we have worked with the following types of matters dealing with a wide variety of situations, including, but not limited to:

  • fraudulent activity in bank accounts
  • ineffective car repairs
  • real estate transactions that failed to close, or failed to close in time
  • purchase of homes with major defects
  • commercial and residential tenancies
  • pet attacks on other pets or humans
  • civil disputes with insurance companies following accidents
  • private schooling
  • partnership agreements
  • private investments
  • loan guarantors
  • credit card debts
  • loans or gifts given in context of a romantic relationship
  • and many more

Please do not hesitate to contact us for an assessment of your particular case.

Sylvie, Toronto

I really appreciated your attention to details, your level of preparation which was impressive, and enthusiasm. I am really happy we have Spectrum Paralegal in our corner. Thank you for being the champion of our small claims court!