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A brief guide for Ontario landlords about how to collect and apply last month rental deposits.

By: Spectrum Paralegal
January 8, 2018

We discuss common questions associated with persons or corporations from the US, China, the UK or elsewhere suing or enforcing judgments in Toronto Small Claims Court or in any other Ontario Small Claims Court.

By: Spectrum Paralegal
April 19, 2017

We discuss failed real estate transactions and circumstances of the seller keeping, or the buyer claiming, the real estate deposit in Small Claims Court.

Discussing tips on creating agreements between landlords and tenants for the tenant to pay the rental’s hydro bill, and basics of process to evict a tenant for not paying the electricity bill despite an agreement to do so.

By: Spectrum Paralegal
October 19, 2016

The idea that a Provincial Offences Court may dismiss a traffic ticket if the trial is delayed is fairly widely known, and this is, indeed, the case. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms provides for an individual’s right to be tried within a reasonable time. A traffic ticket, like any other charges under the […]