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Landlords we encounter are often surprised at the complexity of the process of evicting a tenant when circumstances change and they decide that they need the rental property for use by themselves or a close family member. Although the process is onerous, it makes legal sense: although the landlord retains ultimate ownership of the property, […]

There has been much talk about tightening the regulation surrounding the use of cellphones while driving as statistics suggests that such use is responsible for many accidents. The original section of the Highway Traffic Act that prohibited using a phone while driving came into effect in 2009, and has remained the same since. It reads: […]

In this post we discuss what to do if you have two tenants, one of whom has stopped paying rent and moved out, and the other tenant stays in the unit, but only pays his half of the rent.

Why you were denied ODSP disability benefits even though you met financial eligibility criteria If you meet income eligibility criteria and were still denied Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) disability benefits, it doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve disability benefits or aren’t eligible. There are a lot of factors beyond your control that can lead to […]

By: Spectrum Paralegal
March 13, 2014

I really appreciated your attention to details, your level of preparation which was impressive, and enthusiasm. I am really happy we have Spectrum Paralegal in our corner. Thank you for being the champion of our small claims court!