Our Founder

Professional Biography

Sergey has graduated with honours from the Law Faculty of Belorussian State University and had been a district attorney and corporate lawyer.

Continuing his lifelong interest and involvement in law and justice, Sergey graduated with Honours from the Court and Tribunal Agent Program at Seneca College in 2004. He immediately began an independent practice, providing private and corporate clients with representation and advice in their small claims matterstenant evictionstraffic offences, disability benefit denial appeals, and criminal defences.

Shortly after he began practicing, he was contacted by representatives of the Law Society of Upper Canada and asked to join the movement to license Ontario paralegals . Sergey participated, writing to Ontario MPs and actively advocating for the licensing process. His efforts, together with those of many others, paid off: the paralegal licensing process was introduced in 2007. He is proud to have helped establish paralegals as independent legal professionals and part of the Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC).

Sergey then became part of the very first group of paralegals to become licensed. Sergey’s practice was founded on the principles of realistic assessment of his clients’ situations, transparency and trust in interaction, and a high level of engagement with clients. The practice has grown and expanded since, taking shape into Spectrum Paralegal.

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Goals and Principles

Sergey strives to promote Ontarians’ access to justice by raising awareness of the types of services paralegals are able to provide, particularly where retaining a lawyer may be very costly. His vision, he says, is:

“To let people know that they don’t always need a lawyer. That paralegals differ from lawyers only in the scope of their practice and fee structure, not competence or experience. So the next time someone is, for example, charged with dangerous driving or common assault , or has a small civil claim to file, I want them to think, ‘paralegal’.”

The principles on which Sergey founded Spectrum Paralegal are:

  • High quality service.
  • Advice that’s right for you.
  • Clarity, clarity, clarity. Accessible explanations of what is happening.
  • Always staying in touch.
  • The guarantee that the person you meet on the first day will be the person representing you.
  • Technology friendliness.

Sergey’s Precedents

Over the years, Sergey has built up significant experience in providing paralegal services in many types of matters. During almost 10 years of successful practice, he represented individuals and corporations in Small Claims Court, and some of the cases he was involved in have become precedents – cases which are now part of Ontario’s case law, which can be used by judges and legal professionals to argue for and issue other decisions:

Reznik v S.P Marble Inc, 2007

Sergey successfully recovers $3,807.00 plus costs for a homeowner whose marble counter was improperly installed, causing her monetary losses and suffering due to the inability to use her kitchen.

Csanyi v Alexandrov, 2009

During a motion hearing, Sergey successfully argues that a Small Claims Court action should not be transferred to the Superior Court of Justice. This case is now cited in at least one case in the Superior Court of Justice.

Decision No. 1873/08, [2009] O.W.S.I.A.T.D. No. 2542

In this case, Sergey represented a lady who was denied benefits from the WSIB program after an injury at work. Her appeal was partially allowed.

1204-05165 (Re), 2012 ONSBT 695 (CanLII)

Sergey represented a 35 year old woman who was unable to work after injuries sustained in an MVA in her appeal from denial of disability benefits under the ODSP program. Upon consideration of her situation, the Social Benefits Tribunal granted her appeal.

1209-11956 (Re), 2013 ONSBT 2321 (CanLII)

In another appeal from a denial of ODSP disability benefits to his client, Sergey successfully represents a man who was denied ODSP despite a congenital spine deformity and other health issues.

Sylvie, Toronto

I really appreciated your attention to details, your level of preparation which was impressive, and enthusiasm. I am really happy we have Spectrum Paralegal in our corner. Thank you for being the champion of our small claims court!