Fighting red light traffic tickets

Running a red light is a common charge, yet there are a lot of factors to consider in fighting it. First:

Penalties for a red light ticket

The penalties for running a red light in Ontario are:

  • three demerit points
  • a fine for a total of $325.00
  • a conviction that will remain on your driving record for three years, and the most significant consequence –
  • increases in insurance premiums

Fighting a red light ticket

There are two ways to contest your red light ticket in court – a settlement with the prosecutor, and a trial. In both cases, there are a number of issues that can be considered and brought to light at the trial to ensure the best possible result. For example, a paralegal can help you evaluate the following issues:

  • where exactly did you have to stop at the intersection in question?
  • did the police officer properly observe you entering the intersection when the light was red?
  • were the traffic signals functioning?

There are other additional factors to consider, too, relating to both the circumstances of the charge and procedural questions in the case, such as delivery of disclosure or timeliness of the trial.

Whether or not a trial or settlement is the best possibility, it is important to consider these issues, either to present your case effectively at trial, or simply to have more bargaining power with the prosecution.

Overall, every case is, as always, different. Please feel free to contact us for a free assessment of your red light traffic ticket.

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Like many others, I was once lost and didn’t know what to do when I had received a traffic ticket of breaching s.136(1)(a). With much patience, Kate, the account manager, pleasantly took me through the steps from my legal rights available to the worst case scenario so that I know what legal procedures that I […]