No insurance and other insurance charges

Every Ontario driver is required by law to carry insurance on his or her vehicle, to compensate any injured parties in case of a collision. Drivers found to be driving without insurance may be charged with the offence of driving with no insurance under the Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act.

The most significant consequence of driving with no insurance is the financial penalty –the minimum fine for a person convicted of such an offence is $5,000.00. This is just the fine – the addition of a victim’s surcharge and other penalties would cause this sum to be even higher.

In general, there are two possible scenarios which result in a charge of driving with no insurance:

  1. This is the most apparent – for whatever reason, the driver had no insurance. In this event, there is little to be done by way of disputing the charge itself. However, a paralegal can be extremely helpful in reducing the financial penalty associated with the charge by properly presenting your case, circumstances and financial situation to the judge. In many cases, a properly handled no insurance charge may result in a reduced fine that is actually significantly below the minimum set out by law. Additionally, the paralegal may help you extend the amount of time you would be given to pay the fine, so you wouldn’t have to pay the entire sum within, for example, a month.
  2. The other scenario is that the driver was driving with no insurance because of some sort of misunderstanding or technicality – perhaps the driver had just switched insurance companies and the change had not been processed properly or in a timely manner. In this event, the role of your paralegal would be to explain the situation and provide proper evidence to show that the incident was, in fact, a result of some misunderstanding.

Whatever your situation may be, please feel free to contact us to discuss your options and obtain a free assessment of your case.

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